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the beast is never sated

[Volgin allowed the rough fabric of the rope to slide between his palms. He was waiting. Like a cat who was waiting for it's prey, Volgin was waiting for his lover, Ivan. Tonight would be something different, something special. The huge Russian was in a kinky mood and wanted to tie up his young lover and fuck him like an animal. That's exactly what Volgin is; an animal.]
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[Unsuspecting of what exactly Volgin had in mind for them tonight, Raikov made his way to his superior's private quarters, knocking on the door before sliding past them and entering the room, not even waiting for the larger man to give him permission. Normally he'd wait but tonight he was feeling a tad mischievous.

Whether Volgin was looking or not, Raikov gave him a salute out of habit.]

You wished to see me, Colonel...?
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[Raikov notices the rope before returning his attention to the Colonel. That, the order, and the tone of the man's voice causes his stomach to flutter as he makes his way over to the bed.]

Yes, sir.

[He removes his hat before making himself comfortable, setting it on the nightstand, then waits patiently for what's to come next.]
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[Damn pants being in the way, even if it does add to the sexual tension. He shifts a bit, spreading his legs slightly to give Volgin better access.]

I have my suspicions, sir.

[That tone says otherwise. He doesn't suspect - he knows.]
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Some... ah... tension relief.

[He glances at Volgin's other hand.]

Or I've done something to "displease" you and you're going to discipline me.
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Ooooh~ Yes, sir.

[Yes, that does sound very lovely. Raikov does as he's told and raises his arms above his head, grasping at one wrist and posing in an alluring manner for the Colonel.]